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Hardwood VS. Tile Floors

Some people prefer having wood floors in their apartment and others may prefer tile floors, but both flooring types have obvious advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it can be hard to choose between the two if you’re deciding which type you want in your apartment. Below, find the pros and cons of hardwood floors versus tile floors.

Hardwood floors are:

1 - Warmer

If your apartment is not in a warm area, walking on hardwood floors will keep you warmer than tile floors. Wood floors have more insulative properties than tile floors and can keep your feet warmer. And, of course, nobody enjoys rolling out of bed and stepping on a cold tile floor.

2 - More Slip-resistant

Wood floors are more slip-resistant than tile floors, as many tile floors are smooth and virtually non-porous, causing them to be very slippery. Additionally, if you add tile glazing or spill a drink on tile floors, you could even more easily slip and fall. Some experts suggest researching slip resistance ratings when getting tile floors. With hardwood floors, you can avoid the need to research slip resistance ratings and not worry about falling as much compared to tile floors.

3 - Needs Refinishing Every While

Tile floors are:

4 - Hard to Crack

If you live in your apartment long enough, you may have to periodically refinish and fix hardwood flooring. If you don’t crack durable tile floors, they won’t need to be fixed as frequently as hardwood floors. Additionally, hardwood floors may not be as good for your apartment as tile if you expect a lot of activity from family members and guests.

5 - Easier to Clean

Hardwood floors are not as easy to clean as tile floors. When cleaning hardwood floors, experts suggest using a wood cleaner, as cleaning products with bleach or waxing qualities are bad for hardwood floors. However, you can get away with using common cleaning solutions on tile floors.

6 - Less Expensive

Hardwood flooring is more expensive than tile flooring. The average cost of hardwood flooring is approximately $8 per square foot. Common hardwoods such as maple, oak, and ash can go for $4 to $5 per square foot.


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