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Property Management

Our services offer you a truly comprehensive solution to your real estate needs.

PBM understands the necessity for landlords, landowners and property investors to know their properties are well taken care of and operating at peak capacity for maximum returns. That is why we offer the whole array of property management services for both residential and commercial spaces to suit your specific case.

This includes:

  • Managing rental properties and choice of tenants
  • Negotiating leases to scope the final contract terms and renegotiating them in case of renewal
  • Maintaining properties by investigating and resolving tenant issues
  • Enforcing rules of occupancy policies and procedures
  • Controlling contract expiry dates and drafting renewal contracts
  • Contacting tenants in case of late settlements
  • Rental administration
  • Relation with tenants
  • Collection from tenants and coordination and supervision
  • Handling repairs and day-to-day maintenance with regular visits to the property

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