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Ideas to Decorate Your Home in Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of spiritual improvement, a moment of worship and self-evaluation. During this month, you will need some decoration ideas as you engage in worship.
Below are several Ramanan decoration ideas that you can choose from.

1 - Wall Decorations

Get in the holiday spirit by decorating your house for Ramadan. For instance, you can decorate your walls with this joyful Ramadan banner. You can use the banners to adorn your front door too. During the last 10 days, you can change out your Ramadan banner decorations for Eid decorations as the anticipation for Eid starts to construct.

2 - Lantern Decorations

Place some decorative lanterns on your wall. You only need to let creativity take its course and allow it to take you anywhere it wishes. What you will need are some decorative materials, and you will be good to go. Combining the different colors of these decorative items will bring out a great artistic deal.

3 - Light Decorations

Something about lights brings about a joyful atmosphere. In some Muslim nations like Egypt or Morocco, lanterns are used to welcome Ramadan. Place some ornamental lanterns around your home that are illuminated with electrical tea lights. Use pretty string lights around your mantle place, or winding up your stair banister.

4 - Ramadan Table Set

Ensure the table set is catchy and fun. This will get everyone excited and know, indeed, that it is the holy month. This set can feature your decorative prints, cardboard mosques, ornamental lanterns, shaped plates with dates, etc…

5 - Ramadan Display

Select an existing table or racks in your homes such as a console table near your front entry or that small rack on your fireplace and put some fun Ramadan displays. This display can feature all your decorations, such as decorative prints, ornamental lanterns, countdown posters, and treat jars, lights, etc…

6 - Countdown to Eid

One of the pleasures of Ramadan is the anticipation of Eid. You can track how many days are left till Eid with this Eid countdown chart! Get the family excited about the arrival of Eid by tracking the days proceeding with this tool.





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