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Steps to Organize Your Pantry

Organizing the pantry is no small feat, and, once organized, it requires cooperation from everyone in your house to maintain order. To help you get started, we listed 6 crucial steps for organizing the kitchen pantry the right way.

1 - Start With a Clean Slate

Empty your entire pantry, and thoroughly clean it before you begin the organization process. Toss anything that's expired or not frequently used. Starting fresh will help keep things organized longer.

2 - Categorize

Place like items together. A lazy Susan makes it easy to keep oils, snacks or baking essentials in one place. By doing this, you will be able to quickly find what you need.

3 - Use Containers

Store food in baskets and bins to save space. Odd-shaped packages and bags fit easier in storage containers. Clear plastic or glass canisters with sealed lids are ideal for storing decanted dry foods.

4 - Label

Label bins, containers and shelves so every member of your household knows where items are located. Use a Bluetooth label maker for quick labeling or chalkboard labels so you can easily change the writing.

5 - Utilize Doors

If you have doors on your pantry, hang organizers over them to free up shelf space. Canned goods, spices, oils and jars are usually good fits for these types of organizers.

6 - Add Shelf Liners

Shelf liners prevent food from falling through wire shelving and boxes from tipping over. Liners also keep baskets and containers from slipping off pantry shelves.





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