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Color Combinations for Bedrooms


As the most relaxing hue on the color wheel, blue could only be the first on this list. Its calming effect can foster relaxation and put your mind in the right mood for the night. - There are two ways to go about creating blue color combinations for bedrooms. You can either stick to one shade of blue or mix several tones together. Then pair your selection of blues with neutrals; grays for an overall cool scheme or beige for a warmer result. And voilà, your new soothing bedroom is ready to go!


If you’re one of those people that love white, then this palette is the perfect one for you. At first, you may think this is a trivial option, but it can actually turn out very interesting. - The key is playing with different textures, layering them to make an overall rich mix. Imagine for instance a white soft cotton bedding, decorated with a sheer white accent cushion and a fur one, both sitting on a chunky knitted blanket…does it not feel like a white paradise? - Another advantage of this color scheme is that it’s one of the most versatile and works no matter your interior house paint color.


Grey is another very versatile option for a bedroom color scheme. And it’s all but dull. Together with black or white, it can be the star of the color scheme. Mixed with other colors it makes for the perfect backdrop. - Grey can be dressed up or down, pairing it with glam silver details or rustic wood accents. A ton of possibilities if you think that it’s just grey!


The family of neutral colors is getting larger these days with the introduction of the so-called “new neutrals”. Sage green, lavender, rose, peach, all in the palest shade you can imagine. Just enough to provide some color while still being considered neutrals. - These colors look perfect when paired with a more saturated version of the same hue. Think pale lavender with purple or sage with a darker shade of green. But they also look amazing mixed together! What do you think of sleeping in a bedroom with a new neutral color scheme?


Terracotta, tan, sienna and all earthy browns are an ideal backdrop for a bedroom. Often overlooked, they create a unique warm ambiance that will make you want to relax. They suit both a masculine and a feminine style and can also accommodate both at the same time. Take a master bedroom decorated with earthy tones.





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