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Home Projects to Tackle While You're in Quarantine

Now is the perfect time to take control of your home! This extended time indoors is a good opportunity to tackle those long-avoided home projects.
If you aren't sure where to start, here are some projects that you can do while social distancing at home:


If you’re focused on the literature, for example, arrange your books by alphabetical order or by theme. Use neutral colors, and focus on a few standout pieces.


There’s no better time to add a bit of drama to your table, so bust out the china, special silverware, or fancy wine glasses.


Start by taking everything out of the closet, purging what’s no longer used, and cleaning the interior. Sort your clothes by category and be sure to hang delicate items and stack thicker things like denim. Put your most-used items at the front, while seasonal or rarely used pieces can go up higher or in the back.


A few labels can go a long way in creating a more organized household. Have storage bins or containers in your kitchen pantry, under the bed, or in a linen closet? A label maker works great if you have it, but you can also write on regular paper and tape the labels on.


Most of us probably clean out the refrigerator and wipe down the stove on a regular basis, but small appliances are often neglected. Hand-wash all of the removable parts of your coffee maker and run a few brewing cycles with distilled water. Empty out your toaster oven or toaster trap door and then shake the appliance over the sink to remove loose crumbs. Deep-clean your Instant Pot by wiping down the inner cooking chamber with a damp dishcloth; washing the silicone sealing ring in hot, soapy water; and running a cycle of water, distilled white vinegar, and a few lemon peels to remove odors.


Sometimes the culprit to bad lighting isn’t a dead light-bulb, it’s dirt. Unplug lamps and clean the lampshades with a dry microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner attachment. For other types of lamps, clean the bulbs and use a cloth to dust off the hardware. Note that you should always do this when the light bulbs are cool to the touch.





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