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Houseplants for a Unique Decor in Your Space

Hoya Hearts

Considered the most romantic succulent, hoya hearts, or hoya kerrii (its scientific name), has its origins in southeast Asia. Due to its heart-shaped leaves, it has become a popular Valentine’s Day gift all around the world. And, being a succulent, it’s also naturally a very low maintenance plant. While most people buy it as a single-clipped leaf, it can also grow into many vines covered with the heart-shaped leaves.

Zig-Zag Cactus

A fun, easy to recognize, and unique plant, the zig-zag cactus (or selenicereus anthonyanus) is a relatively low-maintenance plant. However, it does require a bit more water than the usual cactus. This fishbone cactus, as it’s also referred to, does like light, but make sure it receives it indirectly, rather than by being placed in direct sunlight. Although it usually grows into very long, zig-zag-shaped leaves, it also produces bright pink flowers when it blooms.

Swiss Cheese Plant

A popular houseplant, the Swiss cheese, or monstera deliciosa, is a large, green beauty ideal for filling up your apartment. It gets its name from the holes it develops in its leaves as it ages. Native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico, these plants like to be consistently moist, although not soaked.

Rex Begonia

The Rex Begonia can make quite a statement in your home given its dramatic, vibrant, spiral-patterned leaves. As it is a lover of humidity, make sure to mist its leaves in addition to regular watering. Originating in eastern Asia, this plant also blooms. However, the blooms just don’t compare to its stunning leaves, so pinch the blooms off to keep the leaves in full view.

String of Pearls

One of the most unique and eye-catching houseplants, the string of pearls (or senecio) is a succulent worthy of hanging in your home. Originating in southwest Africa, it grows quite fast and requires little maintenance. Just keep it out of direct sunlight, avoid overwatering, and let this plant extend its string of pearls throughout your home.


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