House Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home in Shape


Make the bed when you get up and this will kick-start your productivity levels. Wipe your bedside table each morning. Edit your closet as you go. Keep a bag in your closet where you can throw items of clothing that don’t work anymore. Sort through it once a month, donate, or sell. Immediately rehang items you wore. Don’t just throw clothes on a chair. Start a wash cycle as soon as you get home so you have time to dry and fold. Keep a folding/ironing area near your washer/dryer.


Spray your shower with cleaner after each shower and quickly wipe surfaces. Hang towels on bars and robes on hooks. Your towels need to properly air-dry in order to be able to reuse them two to three times. Keep a laundry hamper in your bathroom for towels. If they’ve gone past their three-day use, quickly throw them in the hamper. Clear your countertops of clutter. Make a point at night to clear out and put away every product that was used to get ready in the morning. Use a wipe to quickly clean the seat. Doing this every other day will keep your toilet neat in between deep cleans.


Empty the dishwasher so they don’t pile up in the sink and sit there all day. When you notice a spill, clean it right away. Swap out your dish towel. Wipe countertops and cooking surfaces. Wipe down your counters and stove each night before you go to bed. Get into the habit of wiping the microwave after each use. You’ll love waking up to a spotless kitchen.

Living Room

Keep baskets in every room. Once a day, do a quick walk-through of each space. Fill up your basket with accumulated clutter, and leave it by the door. Put each item back in its place first thing when you get home. Wipe down your coffee table and side tables during commercial breaks. Fluff your pillows after each use. You wouldn’t leave your TV on all night, so why would you leave your pillows deflated?

Cleaning Schedule

Monday: Laundry Day Tackle the laundry at the beginning of the week so that all of your clothes are ready. Tuesday: Bathroom Day Clean & wash the shower, toilets, countertops, towels & robes. Empty the trash can. Wednesday: Living Room Day Clean the living room, including vacuuming & dusting. Turn your attention to the setup of the entry area of your home. Organize the shoe rack. Thursday: Bedrooms Day Change the sheets, tidy up any items that aren't in their place, and clean surfaces. Friday: Kitchen Day Mop the floors and sanitize the countertops as needed. Check trash and recycling aren't overflowing. Throw out any food that's no longer fresh. Saturday & Sunday: Chilling Day Take it easy and give yourself a weekend free from chores. You earned it!